Day two of 2019 harvest

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

A cool, cloud covered morning...

Polish Softneck

The second day of this seasons harvest was a perfect mix of weather. Up early and into the field with June, the sky remained overcast with an occasional breeze to keep spirits up.

Being a softneck, the Polish slows harvest down due to needing to be forked out. Softnecks lack the scape that make hardnecks easy to simply pull up to harvest. Each Polish head gets its own individual attention by being gently lifted with a pitchfork or broadfork before being unearthed. But it does pay off. Lifting the big, beautiful bulbs is a very satisfying endeavor. Finally getting to see what has been secretly growing underground for nine months, through frigid winter temperatures, incessant spring rains followed by no rain at all. Hallelujah! Beautiful bulbs not only survived, but thrived!

June hard at work.

Wrapped up the day with all of the Polish and Dominic pulled and in the barn to cure. We have been extremely lucky that a Bowdoinham neighbor is kind enough to let the garlic dry down in his barn.

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