Its cracking' time!

Somehow we find ourselves back at garlic cracking time. Scapes bleed into harvest, into cleaning and sales and finally into cracking and planting. Garlic and off-farm jobs keep me busy and the times slips by. Swimming has passed and the maple and poplar trees are now in their blazing glory. Most of the wildflowers have gone by but the giant purple asters are still going strong and are quite beautiful. And the garlic goes crack, crack, crack...


Thankfully, my wonderful friend and neighbor has come by two evenings this week and help bust up bulbs into the night. Not only does this mean double the heads get cracked, but she is the best kind of company and we laugh a lot together. Cracking garlic and cracking up. A great combo, in my book.

Lady Power!

Its also fun to get a few new varieties to put in the ground this season and fun to crack them for the first time and see the inner beauty.

A new variety...

Which leads me back to crack, crack, cracking...

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