Clean, clean, cleaning!

Our curing barn neighbors. The giant dogs from outer space.

At this point, the garlic has wrapped up its time in the curing barn. We have enjoyed the company of these sweet cows who moooooo hello to us when we arrive...and every time we make a loud enough noice to reach them in the adjoining pasture.

June hides...

Junie would stick by my side until the cows got "too close". While I greeted them, June found other places to be.

Sorting and cleaning.

We are now in full cleaning, grading and weighing phase and are excited to join all the fine Bowdoinhammers at Bowdoinham Days at the Mailey Waterfront Park this Saturday. Looking forward to chatting with people who are not frequent patrons of

our towns farmers market.

Table Stock. Cant get enough of this color!

We have also been cleaning table stock, which this year is getting bundled into 1/2 pound, 1 pound and 2 pound bags. Easy for grab-and-go sales at market. The color on this particular head grabbed our attention. So far from seed size, but such color saturation is remarkable. This is bogatyr. The marble purple stripes are so beautiful.

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