All Hail the Long Haul Garlic!

There are certain times when growing massive quantities of garlic is especially satisfying. When the first lunkers are pulled from the ground at harvest. After the last clove has been planted and the final bit of mulch has been spread in the fall. And when you find yourself in May, still eating garlic from the previous years harvest.

Left to right: German Extra Hardy, Polish Softneck and Russian Red.

While some heads are still very nice and firm others have begun to soften and even sprout. We still eat it, often adding an entire head to a dish.

German Extra scale provided by spiky monster.

Meanwhile, this seasons garlic is growing strong down by the bay. The varieties in the black mulch are enjoying the warmer soil temps and are ahead of the rest of the beds.

Winter Rye

The cover crop is making beautiful progress, outcompeting the weeds. Its nice to see so much healthy green instead of brown, bare earth. The bay is just beyond.

Merrymeeting Bay. Bowdoinham, Maine.

In other news, the farm finally has a logo! Designed by my long time buddy Scott of Scott Whitehouse Design and Illustration. He is so incredibly talented and he captured the essence of the farm so well.

Excited to add some swag to the website in the near future...

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